1. Online Registration for JICOSSH 2019 is now open. Please fill the registration form (REGISTER CLICK HERE)

2. Conference Fee

International/Foreign Participant Fee (Early Bird/Payment Before 26 August 2019)
Presenter USD 100 USD 85
Presenter (Student) * USD 70 USD 50
Non Presenter USD 50
Domestic/Local Participant Fee (Early Bird/Payment Before 26 August 2019)
Presenter IDR 1.250.000 IDR 1.000.000
Presenter (Student) * IDR 700,000 IDR 400.000
Non Presenter IDR 400.000

3. Additional Informations:

* Student participants should show their valid student ID when the event takes place (on site registration)

4. Beneficiary Bank Account

Bank Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI)
Account Number  8808008573
Account Name BPN 088 UPN Veteran

5. Methods of Payment

    • The only available payment method is by Wire Transfer.
    • The conference committee must receive the full amount of the registration fee. Delegates should bear the Service Charge (if any) of the bank in the Sender’s Side. Please write your name and paper number on the remark column of the bank slip/transfer receipt.
    • The registration fee covers conference kit, lunch and coffee break.
    • The registration fee does not cover the accommodation, transportation and other traveling related expenses.
    • An acknowledgement of your registration will be emailed to you, immediately after completion of online registration.
    • A Registration Confirmation will be provided after clearance of the full payment. Please note that wire transfer usually takes few days for processing.
    • Registration receipt will be provided at on-site registration desk.
    • List of journals
      Selected papers will be published in the SINTA Indexed Journals. If intended, authors can also optioned for SCOPUS indexed journals with aditional fee. The terms and conditions of the SCOPUS option will only given after paper are announced as the selected papers, and only by the comitee.

Scopus indexed journals List :

    • Journal of Legal Regulatory and Ethical Issue (Quarterly, 2017 Q4)
      • Social Science, Law and Politics
      • H indeks 5
      • SJR : 0.112 (USA)
      • Direct link
    • International Journal of Energy dan Economics and Policy (Quarterly, 2017 Q2)
      • Economics, Econometrics, Finance Economics, Energy Managements
      • H indeks 18
      • SJR : 0.465 (Turkey)
      • SCIMAGO link international
      • Direct link :
    • Espacios (Quarterly, 2017 Q4)
      • Business Management, Accounting, Decision science
      •  H indeks 6
      • SJR : 0.144 (Venezuela)
      • SCIMAGO link :
    • Opcion, Univerdsidad del Zulia (Quarterly, 2017 Q3)
      • Art and humanities, social Sciences
      • H indeks 3
      • SJR : 0199 (Venezuela)
      • SCIMAGO link :
    • Opcion Journal Of management Information and Decision Sciences (Quarterly, 2017 Q4)
      •  Business management, Information system, Desciison Sciens, Oepration reaseacrh
      • H indeks 2
      • SJR : 0.121 (USA)
      • SCIMAGO links :  Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences
    • Journal od Educationa and Social Research
      • Social sicence, education
      • SCOPUS indexed 2018 (italy)
      • SCIMAGO links : journal of educational and social research
    •  Academic Jpurnal Of Interdiciplinary Studies
      • Social science and education
      • SCOPUS indexed 2018 (italy)
      • SCIMAGO links :
    • International Jourba of Scinetific & technology Research
      • Social science, research
      • SCOPUS indexed 2018 (India)
      • Direct link :

Sinta indexed journals List :

  • Jurnal Ilmiah Hubungan Internasioanl JIHI (UnPar)
  • Jurnal Universitas Bhayangkara Jakarta Raya
  • Jurnal Hubungan Internasional (UMY)
  • Jurnal Komunikasi Profetik (UIN Sunan Kalijaga) Sinta2
  • intermestic Journal of International Studies Sinta3
  • Jurnal Ilmu Politik (UI) Sinta3
  • Global Strategis (Unair) Sinta2
  • Jurnal Perempuan
  • Jurnal Prisma
  • Jurnal ilmu Komunikasi UMN
  • Jurnal Ilmiah Aspikom
  • Jurnal Ilmu komunikasi UPN Jogja