No.Nama PenulisAfiliasiJudul ArtikelKlaster
1.MoeslimUPNVJNationalism and Political CultureDemocracy, Human Rights and Civil Society
2.Rohimat, Mulyadi, ZainiUNHANThe Community Function in Supporting Sea Defense StrategySecurity and Defence
3.Wayan Redita, Lukman Yudho Prakoso Hipdizah HipdizahUNHANImplementation of Vessel Traffic Service in Shipping Safety To The Sea Defense Strategy in The Sunda StraitSecurity and Defence
4.Tri Subagyo, Lukman Yudho PrakosoUNHANPosal Mandiri Energy in Remote Locations in Order to Support the Achievement of the Principal Tasks of the Indonesian NavySecurity and Defence
5.Elvis Elvis, Muhammad Faisal Manaf, I wayan Warka, Fifing fingUNHANIncreasing Marine Security in the Sunda Strait to Realize Indonesian Archipelago Sea Flow Control 1Security and Defence
6.Sinatra Setiadi, Lukman Yudho Prakoso, Hipdizah HipdizahUNHANAnalysis of the Main Tasks of the Indonesian NavyÕs National Army Aviation Center in Supporting Search and Rescue in the SeaSecurity and Defence
7.Lukman YudhoUNHANWheel NetworkÕs Sea Defense Strategy as a Drug Handling Solution Preventing The Destruction of Indonesian NationsSecurity and Defence
8.Gerald Theodorus L. Toruan, Daryono DaryonoResearch and Development Agency Ministry of Defence Republic of IndonesiaPelibatan Mantan Narapidana Terorisme Guna Kepentingan Negara IndonesiaSecurity and Defence
9.Gerald Theodorus L. ToruanResearch and Development Agency Ministry of Defence Republic of IndonesiaPeran Strategis Indonesia dalam Penyelesaian Konflik Laut Tiongkok SelatanForeign Policy and Diplomacy
10.Hilal RamdhaniUIComparative Study of Political Education Curriculum in State UniversitiesDemocracy, Human Rights and Civil Society
11.Sri WijayantiUPJAnalisis Naratif Karakter Penyandang Autis dalam Film IndonesiaCommunication and Media
12.Wien Hesthi RahayuUNSMessage Reception of Hoax Information on Facebook GroupCommunication and Media
13.Yosaphat Danis MurtiharsoUPJPengaruh Tayangan Berulang Film TV Upin dan Ipin dalam Pola Komunikasi Anak-Anak dalam Keluarga Kecamatan Kunciran TangerangCommunication and Media
14.Tadelech Bbamo WeldeUnairDiscourse on Ethiopian Diaspora Remittances and Economic Development; Engagement and Policy ReformsMigration and Diaspora
15.Yayuk - HidayahUPIRekonstruksi Dialog antar Budaya dalam Organisasi Kemahasiswaan dan Sebagai Warga DuniaDemocracy, Human Rights and Civil Society
16.Abdul Sakban, Maemunah, HafsahUniv. Muhammadiyah MataramManagement to Earthquake Disaster of Lombok by Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Center (MDMC) West Nusa TenggaraDisaster Management and Environment
17.Obed NahayoUnairCultural Shock: Effects and Solutions towards Academic Performance of International Students in IndonesiaMulticulturalism
18.Maybe ZengeneneUnairFrom Local Church to International Church: The Spread of Forward in Faith Ministries InternationalReligion and Transnationalism
19.Nur Inayati FauziyahUnairInvolvement of Multinational Corporations in Mineral Conflict in The Democratic Republic of CongoDemocracy, Human Rights and Civil Society
20.Kemas Muhammad ZulfikarUnairEbola Virus in West Africa as a United State (US) National Security ThreatSecurtity and Defence
21.Esfandani Peni Indreswari, Andri Purwasito, Agung SatyawanUNSLocal Language Disharmony: A Review on Face Negotiation on Javanese Youth FriendshipMulticulturalism
22.Rinintha Parames WariUniv. Buddhi DarmaThe Effect Quality Tangerang Live to Public Satisfaction in Taman Royal 2Identity Politic
23.Agus AdriyantoUNHANThe Role of Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Managing the Marine Natural Gas on LandSecurity and Defence
24.Ratna DamayantiUNHANThe Implementation of Strategy in Facing Asymmetric Threats in Lantamal (Main Navy Base) IV TanjungpinangSecurity and Defence
25.Jerry IndrawanUPNVJLeadership Based on Human Empowerment to Increase Indonesian Defense Human ResourcesSecurity and Defence
26.Gerald Theodorus L. Toruan, Adi SunaryoResearch and Development Agency Ministry of Defence Republic of IndonesiaImplementasi Kebijakan Pembangunan Perbatasan Indonesia di Natuna dalam Menghadapi Ancaman IUU FishingMaritime
27.Yayuk - HidayahUPIReconstruction of Intercultural Dialogue in Student Organizations and as Global CitizensDemocracy, Human Rights and Civil Society
28.Nur Inayati FauziyahUnairRussiaÕs Invasion on Georgia in August 2008: Analysis of National Identity and CultureForeign Policy and Diplomacy
29.Nur Inayati FauziahUnairOn Population and Mobility: Understanding The Reversed Brain-Drain in IndiaMigration and Diaspora
30.Nur Inayati FauziahUnairThe Urgency of Bilateral of Cooperation Between Indonesia and New Zealand in Disaster Risk ManagementDisaster Management and Environment
31.Sandy Permata, Lutfi AviantoUPJCorruption Prevention Communication Strategy Through Short FilmCommunication and Media
32.Nathaniel Antonio ParulianUPJPhoto Analysis about Masculinity of the Presidential Candidate RI 2014 at Daily National NewspaperIdentity Politics
33.Worry Mambusy Manoby, dkk.Research and Development Agency, Ministry of Home AffairModel of Forest Land Fire and Peat Restoration in South Sumatera ProvinceDisaster Management and Environment
34.Hasbullah AzisUNSNew Media and Youth Political Engagement: Opportunities and DecisionsCommunication and Media
35.Imam Radianto Anwar Setia Putra, dkk.Research and Development Agency,Ministry of Home AffairPolitical Participation of Communities in the 2018 Papua Governor Election AgendaIdentity Politic
36.M. Ganang Wira PradanaUIKepentingan Nasional Tiongkok terkait Resolusi Krisis THAAD 2016 di Semenanjung KoreaForeign Policy and Diplomacy
37.Giscka Canna Indira, Shera FerawatiUIPlastics Excise Policy: Environmental and Economy PerspectivesDisaster Management and Environment
38.Luh. Putu Ika Primayanti, Letnan Jenderal TNI Tri LegionosukoUNHANMindset War in Indonesian Election in 2019Security and Defence
39.Dwi Agitashera, dkk.UGThe Effect of EndorsersÕ Source Credibility on Emotion Towards YoutubeÕs AdvertisementCommunication and Media
40.Anastacia Patricia Novlina NurakUIPotensi Politisasi Identitas di Provinsi Riau dalam Pemilihan Presiden Tahun 2019Identity Politics
41.Luthfi Hasanal BolqiahUIEnvironmental Destruction and The Absence of Green Political Representation in IndonesiaDisaster Management and Environment
42.Hazqon Fuadi NasutionUIThe Mitigation of Haze Disaster Due to Forest and Land Fire in Riau ProvinceDisaster Management and Environment
43.Edy PrihantoroUGCommunication Strategy Public Relations Pt. Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk in Making Public Information Disclosure (KIP)Communication and Media
44Miftahuddin AhimyUIThe Role of Civil Society in the Democracy Transition in Indonesia and SudanDemocracy, Human Rights and Civil Society
45Virgia Aida Handini, Wahyuni ChoiriyatiUGDigital Lifestyle Community of Sahabat UMKM in Empowering Indonesian Local MSMEsCommunication and Media
46Abiyyu Zharif NugrohoUGTVRI Integrated Marketing Communication through Sports ProgramCommunication and Media
47Virgia Aida Handini, Wahyuni ChoiriyatiUGBuzzer as a Political Marketing Tools in a Virtual Democracy in Social MediaIdentity Politics
48Muhamad AbduhUNHANAnalysis of Forest and Peatland Fire Prevention in Riau Province, IndonesiaDisaster Management and Environment
49Lukman Saleh WaluyoUPNVJSocial Exchange in Online DatingCommunication and Media
50Suci Marini NoviantyUPJPapua in the Eyes of (Framing Analysis of News about Papua in the Online News Channel)Democracy, Human Rights and Civil Society
51Pipit FitriyahUGImage Recovery Communication Tourism Ð Banten Tsunami Disaster in Social Media with Netnography Study ApproachDisaster Management and Environment
52Rika Wulandari, dkk.UGGender Differences of UserÕ Motivation for News Media Use Towards UserÕ SatisfactionCommunication and Media
53Suharyati, EdiwarmanUPNVJStrengthening Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Developing MSME CompetitivenessLocal Autonomy and Development
54Firdaus Wajdi, Zulkifli LubisUNJIslamic Education and Muslim Identity of Indonesian Muslim Diaspora in Sydney and CaliforniaMigration and Diaspora
55Slamet Tri WahyudiUPNVJReconstruction of Indonesian Army Functions and Role in Counter Terrorism Effort in Indonesia (Comparative Study between Indonesia and Singapore)Security and Diaspora
56Intan Putri CahyaniUPNVJDigital Storytelling through Social Media (Case Study of UPN Veteran Jakarta as a New State University)Communication and Media
57Bimantoro Kushari Pramono, Muhammad ApriantoUniv. ParamadinaIslamic Mataram Identity in the Cross Cultural Religion Perspective: Case Study in Kotagede Material & Immaterial History)Multiculturalism
58Andi IsmiraUniv. Sulawesi BaratIslamic Geo-Religious Role in Contemporary Indonesian Foreign Policy: a Post-Seculer AnalysisReligion and Transnationalism
59Windu Sejati KusumawardhaniIndonesia Command and Staff CollegeDevelopment Strategy for the Independence of Military Encryption DevicesSecurity and Defence
60Silverius CJM LakeUIEast Timor Refugees Contribute Their Potential for Developing Indonesia 2000-2003Migration and Diaspora
61Lukman Saleh WaluyoUPNVJInfluential Public Dicourses on Climate Change in Indonesian Twitter after Paris AgreementDisaster Management and Environment
62Tulus Novan SiagianIndonesia Command and Staff CollegeThe Effect of Delegative Leadership Styles and Work Satisfaction on Improving Performance of the XYZ Surabaya UnitSecurity and Defence
63Irena Pretika WidayantiUniv. ParamadinaThe Power of Collective Identity in Hong Kong Anti-Extradition Bill MovementIdentity Politics
64Junita Budi Rachman, Bima Prawira UtamaUnpadGlobalization of the Football Fans Club Subculture: the ÔViking Persib Fans ClubÕ Case in BandungIdentity Politics
65Ainu Rafiq AnUGThe Effect of Sampoerna A Mild Cigarette Ad Version ÒBut I BecomeÓ and Brand Equity Against the Interest in Buying (Study in the Society of Bulak RT003/RW010 Kelapa Dua, Tugu, Cimanggis, Depok)Communication and Media
66Ani ArdianUniv. Muhammadiyah Sindereng Rappang-Local Autonomy and Development
67Ditya RosmaydaUG-Communication and Media
68Danis Tri Saputra WahidinUPNVJReading the Anomales Relations between Islamic Populism and the 2019 General Election (Study of Indonesian Islamic Voter Behaviour between 2017 Jakarta Gubernatorial Election and 2019 General Election)Identity Politics
69Dwi Desi Yayi TarinaUPNVJTelevision Broadcasts are Bullying in a Juridical PerspectiveCommunication and Media
70Bella Amalia, Wahyuni ChoiriyatiUGPenta Helix sebagai Model Analisis Pemaknaan City Branding Kota Tangerang (Studi Fenomologi Internalisasi Smart City bagi Masyarakat Kota Tangerang)Local Autonomy and Development
71Monica MargaretUniv. Budi LuhurHate Speech by Jonru Ginting in Social Media as The Neutralization ChoiceCommunication and Media
72Alwafi Ridho SubarkahUnpadIndonesiaÕs Interest in Taking Over Flight Information Region (FIR) from SingaporeSecurity and Defence
73Arin fithriana, Sinodi Nasrani DaeliUniv. Budi LuhurHuman Security in Sustainable Development Goals through PosbinduLocal Autonomy and Development
74Nuril KhoiriyahUGMThe Violation of Community Security by Chinese Government to Uighur Muslim GroupIdentity Politics
75Afrimadona, Shanti Darmastuti, Andi KurniawanUPNVJRegulatory Problem and Industry Competitiveness Case Study of Electric Industry in Bekasi, IndonesiaLocal Autonomy and Development
76Rizky HasanUniv. Budi LuhurIndonesiaÕs Hedging Strategy in the South China Sea DisputeForeign Policy and Diplomacy
77Reza Muhammad, dkkUPNVJThe Effectiveness of Extract Kiwifruit (Acinidia Deliciosa) om Postprandial Glycemia of White MaleDisaster Management and Environment
78Ani ArdianUniv. Muhammadiyah Sidenreng Rappang-Local Autonomy and Development
79Ditya RosmaydaUG-Communication and Media
80Muhammad ZakyUniv. Budi LuhurAnalysis of Rational Choice Theory on Cases of Fraud in Buying Online Using Social Media InstagramCommunication and Media
81Denada Faraswacyen, L. Gaol, Erna MaulinaUniv. Budi LuhurAnalisis Rasch Model pada Kapabilitas Inovasi Usaha Kecil di TangerangLocal Autonomy and Development
82Imam HaryantoUPNVJRegulation of Foreign Investments in the Development of New Renewable Energy (EBT) in IndonesiaMulticulturalism
83Dwi Desi Yayi Tarina, Hermina SimanihurukUPNVJTelevision Broadcasts with Bullying Content in a Juridicial PerspectiveMulticulturalism
84Sri Desti PurwatiningsihUSNIThe Opinion of online Media User Opinions on the Accuracy of Portal Accuracy Based on the Presentation of the News (Survey on Students of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Satya Negara Indonesia)Communication and Media
85Oni Tarsani TarsaniUSNIPersonal Branding Adipati Dolken through Social Media (Ferdinand De SaussureÕs Semiotic Analysis on @Erigostore Instagram Account)Communication and Media
86Radita Gora TayibnapisUSNIModernity in Hedonic Life Youth Women (Structure of Socialite Groups among College Students in Jakarta)Communication and Media
87Wayan ReditaUNHANImplementation of Vessel Traffic Service in Shipping Safety to the Sea Defence Strategy in the Sunda StraitSecurity and Defence
88SunardiUNHANAnalysis of TNI AL and Maritime Agencies in the context of drug control in the waters of Jakarta RaySecurity and Defence