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After Independence Indonesia the Indonesian independence fighters switched roles from participation in the physical revolution to development to fill the independence that was proclaimed on August 17, 1945. On December 15, 1958, in Yogyakarta through the agreement of several freedom fighters to establish an Academy called the National Development Academy “Veteran “by opening majors: a) Corporate Governance; b) Agriculture; c) Chemical Engineering; and d) Mining Geology.


Furthermore, the Academy was developed into the National Development College “Veteran" with 6 (six) Faculties, namely: a) Faculty of Geological Engineering; b) Petroleum Faculty; c) Mine Faculty; d) Faculty of Chemical Engineering; e) Faculty of Agriculture; and f) Faculty of Economics.


The development of the University of National Development “Veteran" Jakarta began with the establishment of 3 (three) Academies namely the Bank Academy, the Academy of Textiles and the Academy of Shipping Management Niaga Yos Sudarso under the auspices of the Development Cadre Development Institute (LPKP) approved by Notary R. Kardiman Number : 14 January 7, 1963.


Based on the Decree of the Minister of Veterans Affairs and Demobilization of the Republic of Indonesia Number: 09 / Kpts / Menved / 1967, dated February 21, 1967, the three Academies were integrated into PTPN Veteran with the PTPN Veteran Jakarta Branch.


Based on the Decree of the Minister of Defense / Commander: Number: Skep / 1555/1977 dated November 30, 1977 PTPN “Veteran" Jakarta changed its name to the “Veteran National Development University (UPN)" Jakarta Branch.


In 1980 UPN “Veteran" Jakarta Branch added the Department of Engineering Education (PAT) Informatics and Computers, and in 1987 based on the Decree of the Minister of Defense, Accounting Academy and Veterans Engineering Academy which was founded by the Foundation for Family Development Education of the National Development University “Veteran" Jakarta Branch integrated into the National Development University “Veteran" Jakarta Branch includes 6 (six) Academies, namely: a) Bank Academy, b) “Veteran" Accounting Academy c) Textile Academy, d) Maritime Academy (Ship Building Engineering), e) Technical Academy Veteran, f) Informatics and Computer PAT.